My name is Oliver Wintzen, and I´m a freelance travel photographer from Hamburg (Germany).


My first digital camera I just bought about 14 years ago after a trip to Australia with a friend who was so kind to let me use his digital camera sometimes.


Since then I also began to travel a lot and both traveling and photographing still excites me every single day.


In May 2014 I quit my job in a life insurance company to travel for one year around the world. After that journey I was faced with the decision either to return to my old profession or to try something new. Something travel and/or photography related, of course.

Finally I decided to become a freelance travel photographer and build up a portfolio of high-quality travel images.

Since then I already traveled in the following countries:

Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Turkey

​Copyright and licensing

Thanks for visiting my website, I trust you’re enjoying the images and the way they’re presented, but please be aware that all the photographs are protected by copyright law and unauthorised use is not permitted. The copyright in all images is owned by Oliver Wintzen, unless noted otherwise. All rights are reserved. Reproduction, copying, saving, modifying or publishing the images on the site is prohibited without a written license issued by Oliver Wintzen.